Nova Scotia  3a

Nova Scotia 3a

1855 (January 2) Folded wrapper mailed from Amherst to Liverpool, England, franked with two singles and a
diagonal bisect of the 3 pence dark blue for the 7½ pence rate (via Halifax) that was in effect from August 1, 1854;
latter touched by file fold as do all covers from this correspondence, nevertheless all stamps with full margins which is quite unusual and well tied by oval mute grid cancels; clear Amherst JA 2 1855 dispatch, oval (Halifax) JA 4 transit backstamps, showing a complete Tombstone Packet Letter Liverpool Paid 17 JA 1855 arrival postmark in red on front. A very appealing and remarkably fresh bisect cover, Fine to Very Fine (Unitrade 3a; catalogue value $6,000)

This cover is unrecorded in the extensive Arfken & Firby census but is the SECOND EARLIEST KNOWN USAGE of the Seven and One Half penny rate to England.

Expertization: 1997 Greene Foundation certificate
Nova Scotia 3a
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